The WaterLemon creators basically are two crazy surfchicks who travel the globe and find and produce cool items on the way.

On many occasions you find them island hopping through Asia and The Pacific for inspiration, unique locations and products and, let’s be honest, to catch nice waves!

On headquarters Bali (@ohanacanggu) we work on all our creative idea’s to eventually get them to your home with a nice island vibe.


If you have any questions or in case you want to offer us a free airplane ticket; please feel free to email or call us! 




You can simply order our Goods by pressing the 'Add to shopping cart' button, follow the steps by filling in your address details and pay by creditcard. Depending on the country you order from, it will take a few days before you receive our goods. We always try to send our favorite and most speedy pigeon as soon as possible!



The Goods

Waterlemon Goods are passionate hunted down items from Bali (and surrounding islands) which bring a tropical touch to you and your home. 


One of our favorites is the Bikini Bag!

It’s a ‘beach look’ fashion statement but also pretty practical. Keep the rest of your stuff dry if you take off after your dive in the ocean. Also you can obviously stash anything else, like make-up, passports, bank cards, keys etc. in the bags. Keep everything nice and dry and sand free J


Our original Goods are products for your ‘Island Life’ lifestyle. This means cool stuff for you and your home, made with love and some extra tropical vibes!


Check our shop for your personal WaterLemon Goodies.


Hand made on Bali


All our Waterlemon Goods are made with love and happiness on the island of Bali. Most items are fully hand made.


The island offers the best materials for an eco-friendly production. Next to this our local friends work with us on amazing designs and products made with care and attention.   


We are proud of, and grateful for, working together with the local community and our creative partners.  


Regularly visit our shop for all the new WaterLemon Goods!